Our Bioprocess

Our “EntoBox” bioprocess is the outcome of many years of research and development from the earliest stages of the company’s existence.

With this innovative technique, EntoInnov naturally converts organic waste into superfoods.

In fact, it enables the control of biotic and abiotic factors needed for the well-being of the insects which are fed with locally sourced organic waste.

Moreover, our EntoBox bioprocess allows for the production of ingredients that benefit both the Earth and our health.

Preserve the planet

This was designed according to the biorefinery approach, an essential combination of technologies to give a zero-waste process. Therefore, the insects’ excrements are released back into the soil as natural organic fertilisers, which are authorised in organic farming.

ingredients for human consumption

On one hand, EntoBox provides high value-added functional insects for food and feed.

Mastering the biological cycle of insects

Our knowledge of insect biology allows us to meet their specific needs at each stage of their development.

That is why we have chosen to handle our insects’ reproduction ourselves so that we are able to guarantee the traceability and quality of our products.

Furthermore, through our production bioprocess, we have optimised the natural capacities of reproduction, development, and growth.

More importantly, only natural techniques are used without GMOs, antibiotics, additives, or artificial enhancements.

Insect breeding

We have developed a unique knowledge concerning the mealworm (Tenebrio Molitor).

This allows us to combine all of the required rearing conditions for the different stages of development, from a larva to an adult mealworm.

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