About us

Our purpose

The bio-concentration factor of the essential nutrients in insects makes our solution unique.

In this way, EntoInnov gives access to a high-quality food resource that can meet the demands of tomorrow’s food issues.

Furthermore, our ingredients offer an environmentally friendly alternative and nutritious food which are beneficial for your health.

Showcasing the potential of insect-based food

One of our main objectives is to help insects find a new place in our food chain. This will be done thanks to our expertise which combines in-depth knowledge of insect biology and technological innovation.

insect breeding
 Insect meal

Through an innovative bioprocess, we convert organic waste such as agricultural by-products into a new superfood, that is insects. They are rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals.

This allows for the preservation of natural resources used and it also has a low environmental impact.

Who is it intended for?

EntoInnov’s range of products meets the nutritional needs of humans.

physical health
Animal health

But also those of various pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, equines, reptiles…

With a minimal impact on resources and the environment, our solution is an asset for our health as well as for the well-being of our planet.

Animal health
Our head office in Nancy

Our company

After over two years of research and development, our biotech company EntoInnov finally saw the light of day. Our team has established a unique bioprocess to produce natural and healthy insect-based ingredients designed for both humans and pets.

The founder of our company came up with this innovative procedure, driven by the desire to find a solution that would benefit the environment whilst ensuring high-quality nutrition.

Our purpose : enhance the recycling and reuse of organic waste such as agricultural by-products by converting it naturally into healthy and sustainable insect-based flour.

The founder’s academic background has enabled him to develop an industrial solution with several benefits, such as:

  • The conversion of organic waste into natural ingredients with high nutritional value
  • The valorization of products using green biorefinery technologies
  • The cost-effective solution using fewer resources
  • The creation of value in our region by promoting short circuits.

Everything we do at EntoInnov is driven by innovation and technology based on the principles of green chemistry.

With our specific ingredients, our company is contributing to helping insects find a new place in the food chain.

Our product line

This innovative procedure developed in academic laboratories allows for high-quality food produced sustainably.

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