Tomorrow’s challenges

A growing population

As the world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050*, finding alternatives to face such growth is becoming crucial.

Nowadays, around 80% of all agricultural land is used for meat and dairy production *, which puts significant pressure on our planet’s natural resources and climate.

This consumption pattern is clearly impacting our environment in a negative way, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, and the use of drinking water and agricultural land.

It is now time to switch to a sustainable, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system.

Ecology is one of our priorities


  • Livestock takes up 77% of global farming land when taking into account pastures used for grazing and land used to grow crops for animal feed.
  • World average meat consumption: 42.90 kg per person per year.

As a result

This mode of consumption has negative repercussions on our environment, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, drinking water and agricultural land.

Insect farming v/s traditional livestock farming

Insects are fed with co-products (organic waste) = less plant biomass used = less greenhouse gases emissions = less water used.

For 5 kg of insects = 10 kg of feed is needed, mostly organic waste

For 5 kg of beef =50 kg of feed is needed, mostly cereals

What we found

We, at EntoInnov, are fully aware that change is needed in our agricultural production system in order to feed the planet in a sustainable way.

insect breeding

We believe that industrial insect farming will meet this demand with a healthier, more environment-friendly food option. This is why we have developed an innovative insect breeding process called “Ento-box”.

With our unique expertise, we naturally convert organic waste such as agricultural by-products into functional insect flours destined for human and animal consumption.

 Ingredients for human consumption

We promote the idea of a circular economy that aims to value local organic waste and convert it into a range of edible insect flours that are environmentally friendly and healthy.

This territorial bioeconomy is in our DNA.

When compared to animal meat, our insects are extremely rich in protein, fat, minerals and vitamins.

EntoInnov is bringing insects back to the centre of the food chain, while in fact insects already form part of the diet of a third of the world’s population and are the basis of the diet of many wild animal species.

 insect meal

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